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Multi-function protection net

Orchard multifunctional protective net and supporting equipment introduction
Weihai Xinghaiyuan Fishing &Netting Tackle Co., Ltd. is a professional netting manufacturer. The company produces various anti-bird nets, windproof nets, hail nets, insect nets and supporting euquipments (reflective cloth, weed barrier , etc.) ,marketed in Japan, the United States, Australia, South Korea, New Zealand, Israel, Europe and other countries and regions. In recent years, we have been committed to serving domestic orchards and farmers, combining rich foreign experience with research & development ability to satisfy the need of Chinese market. The company has a professional technical team and installation team to provide a series of comprehensive services from design, production, installation and after-sales service for the construction of standardized orchards (mainly apples, pears, peaches, cherries, grapes, etc.).
Orchard multifunctional protective net
·The multi-functional protective net is made of 100% new polyethylene raw materials added imported UV particles and anti-aging/acidifying agent that is researched and developed by the own company.
·According to the temperature and illimination intensity in different regions, you can choose different net with ratios of shading rate from 5%-55% .
·The multi-functional protective net has the functions of preventing ·bird, wind, hail, sunburn, insects and slight frost.
Width and length can be produced according to customer requirements.
Life circle: according to the light and ultraviolet radiation of the region can be used for 6-10 years (with relevant Institutional test report).
Multi-function protection net --- Anti-bird
In recent years, due to the improvement of the ecological environment, the number of birds has gradually increased, and correspondingly it will cause greater damage to the orchard and fruits, causing huge economic losses to the majority of planting owners. Our multi-functional protective net can effectively protect crops from birds, meanwhile, it will not harm to aves.
The multi-function protective net --- windproof
·The multi-functional protective net can lower the wind speed. The loss is greatly reduced caused by bad weather to ensure pollination of crops, and avoid the damage of blowing down the fruit and the fruit surface, which is able to proves the quality and yield of fruits.
·By blocking and adjusting the air volume, it can effectively postpone the maturity of fruits and solve a serious of problem.
·Diferent windproof rates nets are installed according to the regional environment.
The multi-function protective net – anti-hail net
Hail will cause great harm to fruits and cause huge economic losses. The anti-hail net can protect the fruit from hail and ensure the yield and quality of fruits.
The multi-function protective net -- Anti-sunburn、Adjustment the temperature
Strong sunlight can cause some damage to crops, such as sunburn on the surface of the fruit, on leaves and the root system.
Our protective net can effectively block the strong sunlight, which is able to help the trees absorb sunlight and promote Photosynthesis.
The multi-function protective net -- anti-insect net
The anti-insect net can block pests from orchards and trees injuries and adjustment of transmission, is gradually becoming a new choice. And new technologies is applied in anti-insect net protection. The net can effectively reduce the use of pesticides.
The multi-function protective net –supporting equipment
The multi-function protective net – patents
Multi-functional net and its supporting equipment has been applied new patent certificate.
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